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Xcode is the flagship application of Apple’s suite of developer tools. In this book, Xcode experts Maurice Kelly and Joshua Nozzi show you how to use Apple’s powerful developer tools to start writing iOS and OS X apps. You’ll learn what Xcode can do and gain a deep understanding of how Xcode works so you can create and maintain great apps of your own.

After a tour of the Xcode tools suite, you’ll jump in by creating a basic Cocoa app and exploring the Xcode interface. You’ll learn how to manage your project, write and debug code, build user interfaces, and use version control. You’ll also learn to customize the build process, write and run unit tests, profile your code, and deploy your apps.

About the Authors

Maurice Kelly has been a software engineer since leaving university in 2001. After spending a decade working on carrier-grade server software in C, C++, and Java, he decided to take a career departure and switched to developing Mac and iOS software. As well as being an eager consumer of all things tech, he has a passion for listening to and creating music. He lives with his wife and children just outside Dromara, a small village in the small country of Northern Ireland.

Joshua Nozzi is a self-taught technologist who has been developing software for the Mac platform since Mac OS X 10.0 debuted. He’s been using Xcode since version 1 for publishing, increasing productivity, and building scientific research applications. He’s haunted several developer communities over the years, offering help and snark in equal measures. He loves to teach technology to others. Josh lives with his partner in southern Virginia, where he toils in obscurity, usually in sweatpants and little else.

More Information

Pages: 432
Author: Maurice Kelly, Joshua Nozzi
Publisher: Peachpit Press
Edition: 2
Language : English
ISBN 10: 0321861620
ISBN 13: 978-0321861627